Your corporate identity says it all. You know the line, "No second chances at making first impressions." NYDesign creates the most impact for your brand, from striking and unique logos, bold color themes and typography, to cohesive layouts for all visual communications. Let's make your competition nervous.


Research, strategy, branding and style guide samples:

Case Study: PixonVision


PixonVision’s technology enhances both live and recorded, still and motion imagery in an unprecedented fashion and ease of use. Benefits include greater accuracy in medical diagnosis and deep space exploration, to greater military intelligence and optimal tactical maneuvers.


PixonVision retained NYDesign to better position its brand. The design strategy above includes brand identity starting with a new logo, a unique color palette, typography, scientific-themed graphical elements, iconography, cohesive layout design and info-graphics.


Intuitive data-visualization, navigation and data manipulation collectively contribute to peak accuracy in data input/output, digestion and technology adoption by the widest audience.

"The branding created by NYDesign has brought us the most attention and compliments from our industry. More important, we have realized extremely strong sales figures with this new line."

Arlene Leibowitz, Marketing Manager

Glenn Foods

“Through your design of our new corporate identity and materials for Econophone, our sales have risen dramatically and have enabled us to obtain the necessary financing to expand."

Alfred West, CEO



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"NYDesign executed many marketing and web projects for us for 3 years. Their work is first rate. Moreover, Marshall Gisser is a consummate professional in his dealings with his clients and his work. Having experienced numerous designers, I rank NYDesign at the top and highly recommend them."

Ross Glatzer, Former President