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Your visual communications affect your success. NYDesign strategically crafts words and images for print and interactive marketing that captivate, build loyalty, and drive sales. Client successes over the years prove this time and again. NYDesign provides cost-effective solutions, positioning you as an industry leader.

Captivating graphics, compelling verbiage and strategic interactive marketing & design increases sales. It's vital in today's economy that you outshine your competition with stellar visual communications. A design consultant with 25 years experience, I excel at print and interactive design that engenders trust in you as an industry leader. And trust sells.

NYDesign develops visual marketing materials and strategies for start-ups to top firms in unparalleled professionalism and style...increasing your sales.


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– Marshall Gisser

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NEW completed sites Feb. '14:

Skin™ - A new concept in mobile advertising.

Concept, branding, program terms, copy, GUI design.

Click here

Below: Revamp of Xchange Telecom's brand and website is complete. Click Here for new site

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Desktop app presented to Romney for President (View it here). The marketing advantage boasted by this technology is unsurpassed. 24/7-updateable, browserless, desktop multimedia. Unlimited communications at a fraction of a TV ad. Communicate with any size audience in realtime. Email still cannot send multimedia and cannot reach millions of recipients simultaneously. Metrics on user behavior informs you of audience preferences, enabling you to retune strategies to maximize results. DesktopWidgets™ – Advertise. Anytime. Anywhere.

Design has two objectives: brand awareness and loyalty. From logo design, cohesive layout, colors and fonts…to GUIs, navigation and screen transitions —all design efforts must deliver your strongest sales points with confidence. Consumers are loyal to brands that they can trust. NYDesign builds that trust.

NYDesign meticulously refined ZoneView's existing logo. Their app was planned and designed bearing all branded elements. Arrows lifted from the logo were applied to backgrounds and tied-in the branding. Package design followed defined minimalist standards, allowing white space to present the product clearly. A mock-up was created within 2 days for a rush presentation.

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Innovative mobile game concept: branding, icons and GUI design.

Think you got the brains? Try it.

Oct. 2013: New super-exotic sports coupe design and logo. Click to enlarge.

Aug. 2013: New sites in-progress for Telerific prepaid calling cards,

and Olya Lerman. Click each to visit.

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Aside from branding many of Xchange Telecom's properties, for their new store I suggested a flatscreen animation to replace a typical static retail window display. Xchange's president was quite pleased with the concept, and the result.

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Storyboard and Flash motion graphics for HOUSE intro.


Aug. 2013: Rebranding design & strategy for Health Care Products

MagOx magnesium supplement

NEW: Package & branding for Olive Branch Foods;

Book cover & interior and website for Executive Graveyard, by author Shaye Mann

New site using Adobe Muse cloud software. Click to launch:

Desktop app concept & GUI for auto industry, with built-in admin console. Click to enlarge:

Think you know  the concept behind the new logo? Tell us!



Harris Allied

"Marshall, I've seen a lot of interactive design and GUI portfolios, and your work is tops."


Michael Abrams, Sr. Recruiter




Glenn Foods

"Glenn Foods Inc. has been in the natural foods business for the past 15 years.

During that time, we have developed and distributed over 40 items, including snack bars, candies, lollipops, and children's cookies. We have employed outside agencies for creation of packaging and sales materials.

Of all our lines, the graphics, colors and layout of wrappers, display boxes and sell sheets of GLENNY'S CHOCOLATE CRUNCH BARS created by graphic designer Marshall Gisser, have brought us the most attention and compliments from our industry. More important, we have realized extremely strong sales figures with this new line. We can attribute this success not only to the high quality and taste of these bars, but very definitely to the up-scale, sophisticated packaging and point of sale materials created by Mr. Gisser."


Arlene Leibowitz, Sales & Marketing Manager





Xchange Telecom

"Just wanted to thank you again for your fantastic work...once again! I really appreciate your efforts in getting this ad changed at such short notice."


C. Rottenberg, Sr. Management






Prodigy's President

"It is my pleasure to have the continued experience of working on marketing projects with designer Marshall Gisser. He has executed numerous identity, marketing and web projects for International Commerce Exchange Systems and our clients for close to three years. His work is first rate, and moreover, he is a consummate professional in his dealings with his clients and his work. Having had experience with numerous designers in the past, I rank Gisser at the top and would highly recommend his work."


Ross Glatzer, Former President/PRODIGY

NYDesign uses Adobe cloud to deliver the most robust interactive experiences

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